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Top 11 of 2011


Well kids, 2011 is almost over. We made it. It was a great year.

Here are a 11 of my favorite moments from the past year. (click the pictures for the post)

1. Our nephew Maddox was born in February

2. We adopted a puppy named Lois

3. We threw an awesome surprise party for Jacob’s dad

4. We also threw a pretty kick-ass Halloween party

5. Sledding in Wilson Park with friends

6. I planted a garden in our backyard

7. We celebrated my future brother-in-law’s birthday with go-carts and log rides

8. We took  a road trip to Michigan to visit my grandparents

9. I visited San Antonio for work and got to swim with whales at Sea World

10. I made-over a spare bedroom into a craft room

11. We attended not one, but four amazing weddings

See you next year!

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