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I got Jacob a schmancy iPhone 4s for Christmas, and am not ashamed to admit that I’m now coveting one for myself.

In particular, I am obsessed with Instagram. Yes, there are knock-off droid apps (and supposedly Instagram is coming to Android at some point), but now that I’ve used the real thing I don’t wanna go back. Plus my camera is broken on my phone. Wah wah.

At least I can commandeer my husband’s against his will pretend I have an iPhone now. Here’s a few (mostly dog focused, duh) pics I’ve taken  since he got his phone a few weeks ago.

Puppy eyes

SullyMy lovePercyPercyCraft studioHow Lois spends her daysShe loves her baby bed

DinnerLois Lane

If you’re lucky enough to have your instagram account instead of being forced to steal your significant other’s phone- you can follow me at user jessimakesthings

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