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Monday Mash-up

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It’s Monday. Only four more days until the weekend, right? But who’s counting?

Here’s a random mash-up of what’s been going on around these parts.

I’m slowly but surely getting back into running. After running three half marathons in 2010, I basically took 2011 off. Ha. So far in 2012, I have a 10k and a half-marathon lined up to keep me motivated.

On Saturday we went to the Razorback basketball game and got to see the Hogs beat Michigan in a buzzer beater. I don’t think I recovered until the next day.


I’ve been painting like crazy since November. I’m  lucky to have some really great clients. Shameless plug: I’m always taking orders *wink *wink



After purchasing a Living Social deal for 10 Hot Yoga classes with Alex on a whim, I attended my first 90 minute sweat session yesterday.


My first yoga class ever actually.

It. Was. Intense.

NOT me

I loved it but my shoulders are killing me today.

Well, Netflix and the couch are calling my name. Smell you later!

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