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Vegetable Garden: Round Two


This time last year I was planning and  prepping soil and raised beds for my very first vegetable garden. Pretty soon my backyard went from this. . .


to this!



Unfortunately, between a record heat wave and the possibility of moving, my little garden was quite neglected this fall and winter. My once fruitful plants now look like this…


Pretty sad, huh?


Don’t fret plant lovers, it looks a lot better already. Promise.

I spent a few hours last weekend weeding the old beds, turning the soil and laying weed fabric and mulch for my new raised beds.

That’s right. This year’s garden is going to be more than the double the size of last year’s.

I’m installing three more Greenland Gardener beds for a grand total of 5.

Here’s my plan:

(click to enlarge)

We had some pretty heavy rains last week so I didn’t get to finish constructing my new beds, but I’m planning to get them all put together and my first seeds planted sometime this week.

I’ll be back soon with an update on the garden as well as
what I plan to do differently this year!

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