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The Return of What I’m Loving Wednesday

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As implied by the extremely creative title of this post, I’m bring back What I’m Loving Wednesday posts for the first time since last fall.

So, here’s what I’m loving today…


I’m loving that my garden is going strong. It’s so nice to be able to walk to the back yard to pick herbs and stare longingly at my budding broccoli.


I’m loving running again. After my embarrasing toe/wine bottle incident, I’m finally (albeit slowly) adding the miles back on my garmin. Jacob and I are even signed up for a local 5k this Friday night!


I’m loving our new leather sectional. More pictures sooooooon.


Last but not least, I’m loving myfitnesspal. Jacob and I are determined to get back down to ‘wedding weight’ before our family beach vacation in July. After a failed attempt to lose some pounds last fall, I’m finally having success tracking calories and exercise with myfitnesspal.


What are you loving today?

I’m linking up over at This Kind of Love

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