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Vegetable Garden: Expansion & Improvements

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Okay, where did we last leave off in the garden department?

Ahh, yes. I had weeded and cleaned up last year’s beds. Then I laid down weed fabric for the new beds. One of my biggest mistakes last year was not securing the weed fabric to the ground well enough. We had some flooding last April and it caused the fabric to shift, allowing for weeds to grow through the mulch.

This time, I secured the weed fabric every few feet with landscape pins.


Once the fabric was all secured, I assembled my two new raised beds.


Several trips to the store later, I had enough dirt and compost to fill the beds.


Like last year, I used a mix of roughly 1/2 compost, 1/4 potting soil and 1/4 peat moss. I added a little to last year’s beds and mixed it thoroughly with the old soil. I also spread more red mulch around the entire area.



Remember that nice color coded plan I made for this year? Well, I don’t know about where you live, but it was 80 degrees in Northwest Arkansas for almost all of March and part of February. So let’s just say my frost timeline was thrown off just a tad.

Despite the unseasonably warm temps, I tried to stick to the schedule as much as possible. With the help of my wonderful assistant/neighbor, I planted broccoli, onion sets, spinach and carrot seeds and Italian parsley about two weeks ago.



Oh, and I can’t forget about my canine assistant. She was oh so helpful  jumping around in weeding the beds.


Another thing I did differently this year was the addition of compostable pine bark mulch to the beds and around the established plants.



The mulch will break down by next year and will become compost for the soil. It protects the plants from wind/rain damage and keeps moisture in the ground.


Pretty soon the garden looked like this.


Quite the improvement from this, yes?

Since these photos, I’ve actually planted lettuce, dill, basil and kale as well. More photos and updates coming soon. Obviously.

Anyone else started their spring garden yet?

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  • Claudine Miller November 5, 2020, 1:15 am

    Nice idea! I haven’t thought of making this DIY vegetable box. This will enhance the look of your garden, and the materials are just too easy to find. Thank you for sharing your work. Keep it up!
    Claudine Miller recently posted..Hydroponic vs Soil Weed CultivationMy Profile

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