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saving daylight


photo (70)The view from my hotel room last week in El Paso, Texas.

This time of year I mind myself going back to the same quote over and over again.

“The days are long, but the years are short.”

In a few weeks we will have lived in our house for two years. In February, Jacob and I will have been together for ten. Where has the time gone?

My job and social life are incredibly busy in the fall. By the time daylight savings comes around, I feel so ready to take a break and step back from all the chaos. In some ways it’s awful that it’s almost dark by the time I leave the office each day, but in other ways, it forces me to spend more time at home with my little family.

There are so many blog posts swirling around in my head or saved as half-written drafts on my computer, but between travel and friends and football and family, I find myself putting away the computer in my spare time and picking up my knitting needles or a new book instead. And it feels good, you guys.

There’s not really a point to this post, in case you were wondering. Just wanted to check in and say that I haven’t forgotten about my little corner of the internet and encourage you to step away from the laptop for a few hours to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Seriously, it feels awesome out there.

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