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Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

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Last Saturday we hosted an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party at our house. Several of our friends came up for the weekend from central Arkansas and we had such a good time.


I made my sweater by embellishing a Goodwill cardigan with felt shapes and ribbons.


Don’t worry, I made Lois a sweater as well.


Clearly, she loved it.


I was a bad hostess and got too busy to take any pictures with my big camera. Or maybe that means I was being a good hostess?



I made spiked cider. Err, I added a little cider to a lot of whiskey.



Ricky and Haley had just gotten engaged the night before. Congrats you two!


We played the usual garage games, beer bong etc.



AND we also played one of my favorites, Dirty Santa (or White Elephant to some of you Yankees)


Good Friends + Funny Sweaters + Good Food + Christmas Tunes  = a great time being had by all


I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. It was a late night ( I can’t recover from those 4 a.m. bedtimes like I used to), but so worth it. Even if by the end of the night everything started to looked like this…


p.s. Today’s my birthday! Hoping to enjoy 26 for at least one day before the world ends Smile

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  • lola April 18, 2021, 11:51 am

    I didn’t realize we had a nat’l embrace a sheep day. It’s interesting, on Labor Day, my closest companion was coming to present to me a major shock. I just realized she was presenting to me a sheep, which I have no place to put. I froze; at that point she and her better half maneuvered into my carport in a pony trailer. I truly terrified at that point thinking it would have been one of their ponies. Fortunately it was a nursery truck. So sweet. I love sheep, I grew up with Lamb Chops, who I cherished, and the entire Mary had a little sheep thing; however I am so appreciative I didn’t get a sheep. I’ll actually embrace her sheep when I go to her ranch straightaway

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