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My 2013 One Little Word

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I came across One Little Word via bloggers Elise and Ali Edwards. The idea is to choose a word that encompasses the things you want to achieve during the year and use it as an exercise to remind yourself of these goals throughout the year. I like that it’s not a resolution or a check-list ( I already have a pretty long one of those to finish this year *gulp*) but rather an overall focus for the year ahead.

For 2013, I’ve chosen the word MOVE.
In 2013, I want to move my body more than ever before. I’ve discussed my struggles with post-wedding weight gain before, but this year I’m determined to get back in shape.

I need to move some priorities around and eliminate unnecessary stress.

I want to be moved to discover new passions. 

I am beyond excited for all of the movement that 2013 will surely bring.

If you were to pick one little word for 2013, what would it be?

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