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Wow. Where did April go? I seriously cannot believe that we are already well into the month of May. Anyone else crazy busy with work and life?

But back to the real reason you clicked on this link…

Last month, Jacob and I flew to Switzerland to visit our friends Randy and Tamara.

photo 1

After several delays on Friday and 22 hours of travel, we landed in Geneva, Switzerland, early Saturday afternoon.

photo 2

Randy and Tamara met us at the airport and we hopped on a train to their village. They live in southern Switzerland on the outskirts of Epesses, on Lake Geneva. Switzerland is basically divided in the middle and the southern region speaks French while the northern region speaks German.


Luckily for us, Randy and Tamara are basically fluent (however much they might disagree) in French after having lived there for two and a half years.



The weather was perfect for our entire trip. When we left Fayetteville it was 40 degrees and raining, and when we got off the train in Epesses, it was 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky.


SWITZERLAND-00469The view from the train stop in Randy and Tamara’s village

They live in an incredible little townhouse just east of Epesses, Switzerland, right on Lake Geneva. There’s seriously no way to describe it, even the photos don’t do it justice.

SWITZERLAND-00473Randy and Tamara’s house, in the cluster of houses to the right of the sign.



Out their balcony in the back is Lake Geneva and the French Alps.

photo 3

photo 4

And out their front door are some of the most prestigious vineyards in  Swiss wine country.


Like I said, words just don’t do it justice.

After a few hours to relax and catch up, we got ready and walked to the town of Cully (which sounds kinda like Coo – yee in French) for the  Cully Jazz Festival , about a 30 minute walk along the harbor.

SWITZERLAND-4406Cully, Switzerland


Drinking in public? When in Rome Switzerland, right?


We walked along the lake and stopped for a photo or two along the way.



When we got to the Cully Jazz Festival, it was packed. There were tents and venues all around the city with live music. SWITZERLAND-00494


We walked around, grabbed some more booze and made our way to the food tent.


Holy food vendors, Batman!


Why yes, that is a baguette with a hot dog in the middle.

The rest of the night was a little hazy, picture-wise as well as memory-wise. We met some of Randy and Tamara’s coworkers and friends from Italy and I drank enough wine to attempt to speak Italian with them ( I took five semesters in college and studied abroad in Florence, but remember virtually nothing).  When we got home, we promptly passed out ( after having been awake for two days) and woke up on Sunday ready to experience our first full day in Switzerland with our best friends.

Next up: spending the day in Lausanne and a ferry ride to Evian, France!

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