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Switzerland Day 6: Life in Lausanne

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On Thursday,  our next-to-last day in Switzerland, we decided to spend the day in Lausanne. About thirty minutes west of Epesses, Lausanne is where both Randy and Tamara work.



But let’s back up, first. The weather was perfect, again, so we took advantage of the morning and went on a run. Our run took us along Lake Geneva and past more of the Lauvaux vineyards surrounding Randy and Tamara’s house. SWITZERLAND-00799

Lavaux is internationally famous as a terraced wine-growing region on the shores of Lake Geneva in western Switzerland. It covers the territory roughly from Lausanne to Montreux, extending to an altitude of roughly 500 meters above lake level and including 6 lakeshore villages and the city of Vevey. Part of the Lavaux has been recognized since 2007 as a world heritage site by Unesco. I only wish we could have been there when the vineyards were in bloom for the harvest.


 Later that morning, we took the train to Lausanne. We grabbed lunch (and real olive oil and pasta for my stash!) from a little Italian deli and ate our sandwiches in a park downtown.


See those strange, knobby trees? They are everywhere in Switzerland. Tamara told me they bloom with huge flowers, but while we were there they all just looked like they had giant curled knuckles.


Post-lunch it was time to get our shop on.


With a little sight-seeing thrown in. Pinte Besson is one of the oldest restaurants in Switzerland and the oldest in Lausanne. It has been serving wine and cheese to the locals since 1780. SWITZERLAND-00827


Nothing to see here. Just a giant purple animatronic cow in a grocery store. SWITZERLAND-00825



We did some souvenier shopping, but more importantly, we did some sweet shopping.


Specifically, a dozen macarons from Ladurée. Ahh-may-zing. SWITZERLAND-00820


Honorable mention in the sweets category goes to the candied chocolate oranges from Noz Chocolatier.




Jacob was more interested in his own type of treat- a Swiss watch. SWITZERLAND-00811

Ooh, Fancy! SWITZERLAND-00808

After we had shopped until we almost dropped, we recharged with drinks and a delicious (and hilarious due to our drunk waiter) Italian dinner.


Another one for the books! Only one more day left of our trip to share.

Last but not least in our Swiss adventures: Bern the Capital City

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    Sweet pics!

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