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In need of a good dusting


Excuse me while I take a moment to clear away the blog cobwebs.

Ahem. Is this thing still on?

Oh my dear sweet little blog. I’ve missed you so. Where oh where has the summer gone? All I know is that it’s a week and a half until Razorback football and we are kicking our tailgate prep into high gear. IMG_6020

Let’s see. What’s happened since we last had a chat? We just launched a new project at work, we just started training for another half marathon, my heart has been broken for a friend, I’ve been canning veggies from my garden and our kickball team made it to the playoffs. And let’s face it, with 80 degree temperatures in August, we’ve been hitting up our fair share of patios.

ale_trail_facebook-27 IMG_6065 IMG_6054 IMG_6050

I have approximately 213 blog post ideas jotted down with no time to write them. Hopefully, fall (and football season and hello every weekend is planned from now until December, how is that even possible ?!) will bring more free time and a return of regular blogging.

A girl can dream, right?


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