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Simplify & Create

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Get ready for some rambling. It’s been almost a month since my last post and there’s oh so much to say.

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This quote is currently scribbled on the chalkboard in my kitchen.

Last year was a fun year. SO much happened. We went to Switzerland. My sister got married. I ran my fourth half marathon. Yet as I reflected back on the year (as we are so often apt to do) at the beginning of 2014, I felt such a strong pull to simplify everything. To step away from the excess and get back to the basics. For me, that primarily pertains to health and creating.

I took an unintended break from art last year. Sure I broke the sewing machine out for showers or Melissa’s wedding, but I stopped making for fun. For me.
As I sit back and go over all the project ideas I’ve jotted in a notebook or pinned on Pinterest, there are often things that I make and don’t share because the perfectionist in me only sees the flaws. I can’t stop thinking about the quote below by one of my favorites, Seth Godin

“No one reads a comic strip because it’s drawn well.

It has to be drawn well enough, not perfectly.

No one goes to a rock concert because the band is in tune. They have to be close enough to not be distracting, but being in tune isn’t the point.

No one buys a house because every floorboard is hammered in at the six sigma level of perfection. They have to be good enough, and better than good enough is just fine, but perfect isn’t something that’s going to overwhelm location, beauty, peace of mind and price.

As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter.”


Similarly, I can’t get this Cracked article out of my head.

“Do the math: How much of your time is spent consuming things other people made (TV, music, video games, websites) versus making your own? Only one of those adds to your value as a human being.”

Luckily, Jacob was right there with me on the sudden need to simplify. We got rid of cable, started another round of Whole30, and I have started sewing a braided rug in the evenings just for fun.

So in 2014,  I vow to make things just because, not caring whether they are perfect or ‘Pinterest worthy.’ I vow to take care of myself and pay closer attention to what put into my body – more vegetables and books, less brownies and reality tv. Join me, won’t you?

Tomorrow – tomorrow! – I finally have a craft post to share. I’m back, baby.

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