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My nephew Maddox turned three on Monday. We celebrated with a small family party at my in-laws’ house last Saturday.

On Saturday morning we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow which was quite fitting considering how the little guy made his entrance three years prior.

Maddox3Birthday-1 Maddox3Birthday-3 Maddox3Birthday-2
In addition to snow, we had plenty of good food, cake, and presents.

Maddox3Birthday-5 Maddox3Birthday-6 Maddox3Birthday-7   Maddox3Birthday-9

Maddox3Birthday-10 Maddox3Birthday-11

I made him a Mike from Monsters Inc out of fleece and felt as well as a race car-themed ‘M’ for his wall. Both super easy and cute. Both Pinterest inspired.


Crappy iPhone photos were inspired by laziness.

Maddox3Birthday-12 Maddox3Birthday-13 Maddox3Birthday-14

Maddox3Birthday-16 Maddox3Birthday-18 Maddox3Birthday-17

Maddox3Birthday-20 Maddox3Birthday-21 Maddox3Birthday-22
I feel like these next three photos capture Maddox’s relationship with Uncle Jacob and Aunt Jessi pretty well.

Maddox3Birthday-23 Maddox3Birthday-24 Maddox3Birthday-25
I had been especially weepy because we were deep in mourning for our friends so I made sure to get in extra hugs all day whether or not the birthday boy was having it. The little stinker.

Maddox3Birthday-28 copy

Happy Birthday Maddox! You are so loved!

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  • Stephanie February 13, 2014, 5:50 pm

    Great pics as always! I’m pretty sure I’ve been a follower for as long as Maddox has been around…I should get a prize or something :)

    Oh and poor Alex…ugh…my heart sank when I read her post the other day. I just can’t imagine the pain her and Josh must be going through. I can’t stop thinking about it…hug her extra tight next time you see her for me.
    Stephanie recently posted..The Holidays & Mom HormonesMy Profile

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    • Jessi February 20, 2014, 11:05 am

      Thanks Stephanie! If you ever find yourself in Northwest Arkansas, I’ll buy you a beer for being such a loyal blog friend :)

      I know that Alex appreciates everyone sending their love, I’ll let her know you are thinking of her. She and Josh are so strong, I just wish there was something we could do.

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