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Independence Day

Not the Will Smith movie, sorry guys.

I consider myself to be a fairly articulate person but the more blogs that I read the more inferior I feel about putting my specific situation into words. There are several blogs I follow that I would swear the girls writing them are stealing my thoughts-and describing them more perfectly than I ever could. And living more glamorous lives. (fyi I had to sing the Fergie song in my head to spell out ‘G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S’ what is wrong with me?) I often jokingly albeit enviously refer to these bloggers and how they’re living better versions of my life, but sometimes it’s a relief to know that these people have the same issues and struggles that I do (even if they get to live in NYC or Quebec)

For example, A from Accordians & Lace posted her thoughts on struggling with her independent streak and I feel exactly the same way. I love love love that Jacob and I are so independent and trusting of each other to have separate hobbies and relationships, but we did the totally opposite schedule thing this summer and it was awful. Its weird how comforting it is to spend an evening sitting two feet away from someone when you’re both engrossed in different activities (99% of the time this means me knitting/sewing and reading wedding blogs and jacob playing video games).

Anyway, enough of my thoughts on someone else’s thoughts. Go read her words though -maybe they’ll rub off and make mine sound more eloquent :)

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Remember me?

Hey blog, I miss you. Can we be friends again? Yes? Ok good. How am I you ask? Pretty splendid. New job + weekends free + actually having money to spend during those weekends= extremely happy Jessi.

It took me a while to settle in to this new ‘adult’ schedule, but I’m back baby! For the first time in our (almost) seven years together Jacob and I have the same schedule. It’s been wonderful to for us to cook dinner every night and spend the weekends being lazy together. If you know me, however, lazy isn’t really my thing. I like to be busy. Scratch that, I have to be busy. So while I wait for more wedding projects to come along I’m throwing myself back into the crafting world. Last week I finished sewing some cute presents for my mom’s birthday (that I will reveal after she gets them this weekend on the off chance that she reads this). I’m also in the midst of knitting baby booties and planning a baby shower for one of my best friends and bridesmaid. AND I’ve started my first big sewing project-a t-shirt quilt!

the idea is that it will look something like this
Good day sir (or madam). I leave you with this:
A month or so ago A Cup of Jo ran a wedding advice series and this is what one contributor, Jessica had to say:

According to my grandmother: “Have your own life. Pursue your dreams and let your husband do the same. Being content with yourself makes you a better wife.”

According to my grandfather: “Any disagreement can be settled with two words: ‘Yes, dear.’ “
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