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Michelle’s Getting Married


Next month, one of my oldest and dearest friends Michelle is getting married. Her bridal shower was this past weekend and I helped with decorations.

Her wedding colors are plum, peach and cream so we used the same theme for the shower. I made another tissue garland like the one from my sister’s shower in May and a wreath from the same shades of purple for the front door.





It’s apparently impossible to find peach colored tissue paper, so I made another banner by dyeing coffee filters in shades of peach and cream. I’d never done a garland from coffee filters before, and I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.

meesh_bridalshower-1 meesh_bridalshower-12

The banner was made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon and the letters came from Hobby Lobby.


We had a mimosa bar and Michelle’s future sister-in-law made lots of yummy food (isn’t that the best part about showers anyway?).

meesh_bridalshower-5 meesh_bridalshower-10


She also ordered a cupcake cake in the shape of a wedding dress.

meesh_bridalshower-6 meesh_bridalshower-7 meesh_bridalshower-8     meesh_bridalshower-13



Cheers to the bride!

meesh_bridalshower-16   meesh_bridalshower-18   meesh_bridalshower-20

We played several shower games and I won for having the most random items in my purse. Shocker.

meesh_bridalshower-21 meesh_bridalshower-22


meesh_bridalshower-24 meesh_bridalshower-25

The original crew. Best friends since junior high.

meesh_bridalshower-26   meesh_bridalshower-28 meesh_bridalshower-29 meesh_bridalshower-27 meesh_bridalshower-30 meesh_bridalshower-31 The aftermath.  meesh_bridalshower-33

The shower was really fun (that could have had something to do with the six bottles of champagne we downed) and I loved getting to spend so much time with my best girlfriends. We don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, so I was thrilled to be able to make the trip to Little Rock to celebrate with Michelle.


Congrats Meesh! I’m so happy for you and Benson and can’t wait to be a part of your special day.


Melissa’s Bridal Shower


A few weeks after her bachelorette party, I hosted a bridal shower for my sister at my home. I wanted it to be pretty girly and spring-y (is that a word?) so I chose to use hot pink, red, black and white stripes for the invitations and the decor.


 The back of the invitations were black and white striped. I bought several bunches of pink and white flowers and tied vases and jars with black and white ribbon.


I used a few yards of black and white striped fabric from IKEA that I already owned as a table runner and picked up some inexpensive pink, red and striped paper plates, utensils and napkins at Target.


Some of my aunts sent an edible arrangement that was so cute and delicious.


And, of course, you can’t have a shower in the South without some petit fours.


I don’t have a good picture of it, but I made a tassel garland out of pink and red tissue paper to hang in the kitchen,


For the front door, I made a bunch of tissue flowers into a wreath and hung it with, you guessed it, black and white ribbon.

Here’s the beautiful bride-to-be showing it off.


We also put pink and red balloons on the mailbox and I painted a quick little wooden sign for the flowers on the porch.


When the guests arrived, everyone made a plate before we started the games.



Now, I usually am right there with you if you rolled your eyes at the thought of ‘shower games,’ but I think I came up with two that were good ice breakers and pretty hilarious.

First, we played ‘He Says…She Says’ where the guests had to guess who had said each statement.


Both of the moms won that one, surprise, surprise.

Next we played ‘The Newlywed Game.’ Jacob and I had pre-taped Ty’s responses to the questions and we played the video on the television in the living room while Melissa answered her questions. I wish I had some photos of this, because it was seriously too funny.

Then it was time to open gifts!





Melissa got some really nice gifts and I know she’s excited to finally have a fully stocked kitchen.

Before we left we grabbed a few photos on the porch.

Melissa, bridesmaid Emily and myself.


Melissa and me with our sweet momma.


And with her new momma-in-law



Ty’s family lives close by and most of our family is spread out around the country so it was nice to get to meet some of Melissa’s ‘new’ family members. bridal_shower-13
I’ll be back tomorrow with one last wedding post before the weekend, so get excited!

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