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Branson in the Snow

Merry – Day After – Christmas! Or Happy Boxing Day, I suppose. We had a wonderful holiday with our families, and Santa was extra generous this year.

While we’re still in the Christmas spirit (at least your tree is probably still up and whatnot) I wanted to share some holiday photos that I snapped in Branson with you all.

This year we made our yearly trip to Branson to see the Christmas lights a family affair. Like, the whole family. My family, Jacob’s family, my brother-in-law Ty’s family. We rented a giant cabin and had a lovely, cozy weekend. We woke up on Saturday to a fresh dusting of snow that made the trip to Silver Dollar City especially festive. On Sunday, we stopped for brunch at our favorite place, the Keeter Center on the College of the Ozarks campus.

In true holiday fashion, I made everyone pose for a gazillion photos that only myself and the moms probably appreciate.

branson_christmas-1 branson_christmas-2 branson_christmas-3 branson_christmas-4
branson_christmas-1 branson_christmas-10 branson_christmas-11 branson_christmas-14

branson_christmas-15 branson_christmas-18

branson_christmas-23 branson_christmas-24

branson_christmas-31 branson_christmas-27

branson_christmas-20 branson_christmas-35 branson_christmas-29

branson_christmas-32 branson_christmas-33 branson_christmas-41 branson_christmas-37 branson_christmas-40

branson_christmas-42 branson_christmas-44 branson_christmas-43 branson_christmas-46 branson_christmas-47 branson_christmas-49

branson_christmas-54 branson_christmas-55 branson_christmas-56 branson_christmas-58 branson_christmas-59 branson_christmas-62 branson_christmas-60 branson_christmas-61

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Leonards, Edwardses and Watsons! I hope you got to spend some time with your loved ones, and maybe even received a few nice gifts while we’re at it.


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Snow Day Scenes

IMG_7128 dec_snow-25 dec_snow-1 dec_snow-2 IMG_7136 dec_snow-5 IMG_7161 dec_snow-4 dec_snow-24 dec_snow-6 dec_snow-7 dec_snow-13 dec_snow-15 dec_snow-18 dec_snow-19    dec_snow-23    IMG_7112 dec_snow-21 IMG_7232

We got a surprise snow storm two weeks ago. The weather guys predicted ice with maybe a little snow, and we wound up with almost 9 inches. Snow before Christmas? Yes, please. We made snow ice cream, let Lois play with her doggie friends, went sledding, cooked and ate a lot of good food, and busted out our Christmas vinyl collection. There’s something so cheery about a fully decorated Christmas tree, a fire in the fireplace, Loretta Lynn blasting from the record player and pretty, white snow falling outside.

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