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Our White Christmas

We had a great Christmas with our families.


My nephew Maddox is almost two so he’s so much fun at holidays now.


Our precious few days off were spent playing around with my new iPhone lenses,


attending Christmas Eve mass,


playing Christmas charades,


playing Dirty Santa,


and soaking in as much family time as possible.



We had to cut our Christmas festivities short because we suddenly found ourselves under a blizzard warning. Yep, you read that correctly. Little Rock’s first white Christmas in 80 years.

We went to bed Christmas evening with this scene. . .


and woke up to this. Ten inches of fluffy, glorious, fresh snow!


Oh, and no electricity. Womp. Womp.



We finally ventured out for supplies (read: coffee) and after several stops to clear fallen trees out of the road with a chainsaw, we found ourselves at the only place in town with electricity and caffeine.


Gas station coffee and a corndog? Best breakfast ever when you’re snowed in without power.


Jacob and I were a little delayed getting back to Fayetteville and it was hard to leave the snow, but we had a great Christmas nonetheless!

p.s. our dear friends Randy and Tamara (the ones who live in Switzerland) made a year-in-review video from clips they shot every day of last year and Jacob and I (and more importantly, Lois) make a cameo at the end. Watch it and be jealous of their awesome lives!


Christmas Card Outtakes

Merry {Belated} Christmas!

We had a wonderful whirlwind holiday weekend with our families. We attended another Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, went to Christmas Eve Mass, played Christmas charades AND had our very first white Christmas.

I took too many pics (on my iphone again, whoops) for one post, but I did want to share our Christmas cards since everyone should have received theirs by now and I can’t even look at one without laughing.

Here was our actual card:



And just for fun, here’s the shots that didn’t make the cut:


Jacob and Lois’ faces in some of those just kill me. Any photo shoot where I get to drink a glass of wine and wear a full length velour robe is okay in my book.


Merry Christmas and Happy Almost New Year y’all!

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