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Cheap & Easy Handmade Baby {Girl} Shower Gifts


Baby gifts are some of my favorite things to make. Especially for baby girls. They are a great way to use up scrap fabric or half-used skeins of yarn. Plus, they’re quick to throw together and easy on the budget.

I’ve been to many a baby shower and I’ve got my bag of handmade tricks pretty refined at this point. I thought I’d share my favorite cheap and easy baby gifts for those of you who are like me and trying to use up your fabric stash + save a little money. These are for a baby girl, although everything but the headbands would also work for a little boy.

Our dear friends Josh and Alex are having a baby girl next month, so this is what I made for Alex’s baby shower last weekend.

First, I usually knit a hat or booties. They are fast, easy and super cute. Both of these were made with yarn I already had, so they cost me nothing, but you could easily get a hat or two and a pair of booties out of one skein of yarn.

I used this pattern for the booties and this pattern for the hat. The booties were a teensy bit tricky for me, but I’m a pretty basic knitter, so if you have any experience knitting socks I’m sure they are considered easy. The hat was super simple. I finished it over three episodes of House of Cards (re-watching before Season Two!!)


My Number 1 go-to baby gift is headbands. They are ridiculously easy and fun to make. Plus, cheap, cheap, cheap. I buy packages of stretch lace or fold-over elastic for $3-5 and can get several headbands out of one package. Babies’ head circumference is generally around 12″-13″ when they are newborns.

Okay, so I may have gone a little overboard for Alex. I just couldn’t stop once I had started.


This was my first time making the little rounded fabric bows (pattern and tutorial here) and they are SO cute. Plus, they are perfect for scrap fabric.

BabyShowerGifts-9   I almost always make a felt bow or two. They are really easy and so much cuter than those giant flowers the size of babies’ heads (WHY!?!) that are so popular now. I don’t really use a tutorial or pattern, but here’s a good one to get you started. Tip: wool felt is best, but cheap old craft felt works fine, for small scale stuff like this.


BabyShower-Giftssmall I also made a little felt rose with embroidered little leaves. I was just playing around, but this came out even better than in my head. No pattern, but just type ‘felt flower’ into Pinterest or Google and be prepared for a million results.


Another new gift – for me – was the ever popular knit knotted headbands/turbans. I used this tutorial for the headbands and fabric that I already had. The navy and white striped one was actually made from an old tank top. These are way less complicated than they look and very, very cute on the wee ones.

BabyShowerGifts-4    Another go-to gift is burp cloths. I buy packs of cloth diapers at Target or Walmart, and embellish with cute fabric. These can be as simple or detailed as you want. Tip: back one side with flannel fabric so it won’t slide off shoulders when in use.
Alex’s nursery colors are yellow and grey and purple and I used some leftover Amy Butler fabric from my wedding to match.


Last but not least, a good old fashioned onesie. You can buy packs of plain onesies at Walmart or any baby store and there are a million ways to personalize them. For this one, I bought one yard of stretchy ruffle trim for $2.99 and was able to embellish the neckline, sew three rows on the back for a ‘ruffle butt’ AND make a matching headband with it. Yes, with ONE yard!

BabyShowerGifts-11 BabyShower_Gifts-3small BabyShower_Gifts-2small Ta Da! I hope that gives you some easy + cheap ideas for the next time you’re trying to save some money but still need a nice gift or just want to put some cute fabric to good use. I already had the felt, fabric, lace, cloth diapers, and onesie, so the trim is actually the only thing I bought for all of these gifts. That’s a lot of presents for less than $5!

Obviously if you’re not a recovering fabric hoarder like I am, you will probably have to purchase some of these supplies. Stock up on onesies or diapers when you see them for a good price and never be afraid to ask for a small cut of an expensive fabric. An 1/8 yard goes REALLY far when it comes to baby gifts. I will try to post some of my favorite boy-specific gifts soon.

Happy sewing – knitting- hot gluing!


Michelle’s Getting Married


Next month, one of my oldest and dearest friends Michelle is getting married. Her bridal shower was this past weekend and I helped with decorations.

Her wedding colors are plum, peach and cream so we used the same theme for the shower. I made another tissue garland like the one from my sister’s shower in May and a wreath from the same shades of purple for the front door.





It’s apparently impossible to find peach colored tissue paper, so I made another banner by dyeing coffee filters in shades of peach and cream. I’d never done a garland from coffee filters before, and I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.

meesh_bridalshower-1 meesh_bridalshower-12

The banner was made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon and the letters came from Hobby Lobby.


We had a mimosa bar and Michelle’s future sister-in-law made lots of yummy food (isn’t that the best part about showers anyway?).

meesh_bridalshower-5 meesh_bridalshower-10


She also ordered a cupcake cake in the shape of a wedding dress.

meesh_bridalshower-6 meesh_bridalshower-7 meesh_bridalshower-8     meesh_bridalshower-13



Cheers to the bride!

meesh_bridalshower-16   meesh_bridalshower-18   meesh_bridalshower-20

We played several shower games and I won for having the most random items in my purse. Shocker.

meesh_bridalshower-21 meesh_bridalshower-22


meesh_bridalshower-24 meesh_bridalshower-25

The original crew. Best friends since junior high.

meesh_bridalshower-26   meesh_bridalshower-28 meesh_bridalshower-29 meesh_bridalshower-27 meesh_bridalshower-30 meesh_bridalshower-31 The aftermath.  meesh_bridalshower-33

The shower was really fun (that could have had something to do with the six bottles of champagne we downed) and I loved getting to spend so much time with my best girlfriends. We don’t get to see each other as often as we’d like, so I was thrilled to be able to make the trip to Little Rock to celebrate with Michelle.


Congrats Meesh! I’m so happy for you and Benson and can’t wait to be a part of your special day.

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