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Medusa and a Juggalo walk into a bar . . .

Soooooo we had a Halloween Party! I know it’s basically Thanksgiving (Christmas if you take a look around the retail world, but don’t even get me started) but I haven’t sat still long enough in the last two weeks to edit these photos so you’re getting them today. Happy Hallogiving!


We almost didn’t have a party this year. Halloween was on a Thursday and the University of Arkansas’ homecoming game was on a Saturday, so that left approximately 24 hours to host a party sandwiched between two other parties. I went as Medusa in what is the least homemade of any costume I’ve ever worn in my 26 years of costumes. Seriously, sometime I’ll tell you about the handmade Belle gown my mom made me in elementary school when I was obsessed with Beauty and the Beast.

I bought a Cleopatra costume from Walmart for $19 and ordered 48 plastic snakes from Amazon for a whopping $8. I spraypainted them gold and made a necklace and crown/headband with my trusty hot glue gun and a little patience. Jacob dressed as a Juggalo (or a demonic Guy Fiery depending on your pop culture frame of reference) and it was hilarious. If you’re not sure what a Juggalo is, google it. You’re welcome.

halloween_party2013-1 halloween_party2013-2 halloween_party2013-3

I kept it simple with food a.k.a. the highlight of the offered hors d’oeuvres was a box of pizza rolls.


halloween_party2013-5 halloween_party2013-6

Lois won best dressed and most factually accurate costume. Although Miley and the Wrecking Ball were pretty awesome.

halloween_party2013-7 halloween_party2013-8 halloween_party2013-9   halloween_party2013-11 halloween_party2013-12 halloween_party2013-13 halloween_party2013-14 halloween_party2013-15 halloween_party2013-16 halloween_party2013-17 halloween_party2013-18 halloween_party2013-19

Yep. The above photo pretty much sums it up :)


The 2nd Annual Leonard Halloween Extravaganza

With Halloween falling in the middle of the week this year, we threw our Halloween party on the Friday afterward.  I didn’t get photos of all the guests or decorations because, for once, I focused on enjoying myself instead of playing hostess/photographer.


I spent a ridiculous amount of time hand making a Wonder Woman costume  and Jacob revamped an impressive costume we made a few Halloweens ago.


I made a ton of Halloween themed food and we played beer pong and flip cup into the wee hours of the night. I think it’s safe to say a good time was had by all.










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