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Painting with a Twist

Painting? Wine? Sign me up.

Have you heard of Painting With A Twist?
There are 62 different locations across the country, but we just got one in Fayetteville a few months ago.

I had the opportunity to take a class for work a few weeks ago, and it was such a fun experience.


From their website

“Looking for a fun evening out? Painting with a Twist is the answer! The "twist" is you can bring your favorite bottle of wine or beverage** to enjoy during the class. Come alone or invite your friends. Paint, canvas, and brushes are provided, as is an experienced and enthusiastic local artist who can lead you step by step through the process of recreating the featured artwork. At the end of the evening, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind creation and a newfound talent you’ll want to explore. This is not your average art class, this is art entertainment.

Book a private party! Choose from over 1500 paintings, from landscapes, abstracts, and cityscapes to creative renderings of seafood, animals, iconic buildings, and florals. Birthday parties, bachelorette parties, office parties, sorority functions, date nights, theme parties, and team building are just a few of the fun events that are celebrated at Painting with a Twist.”

Unfortunately, due to local liquor laws, the Fayetteville location doesn’t offer BYOB. But, they do have a cash bar that serves beer and wine as well as a variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

The painting for the class that I took was a whimsical little snowman.


The classes are either two or three hours depending on the difficulty level. Two hour classes are $35  and three hour classes are $45 – which gets you everything you need to walk away with your own work of art (canvas, paints, etc.),  including a talented local artist to show you how, step by step.


I know what you’re thinking, but you DO NOT  have to have any experience painting to take one of these classes. Most of our group had never painted anything  before and everyone’s snowman turned out beautifully. Seriously.


The finished masterpieces


And here’s another little video I made of the experience:

If you have a Painting With a Twist near you, I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

In fact, I enjoyed the class so much that I’ve already signed up for another one!


Coffee Table Makeover

You may have noticed in the pictures of Halloween and Fall decor that our coffee table recently got a facelift.



For a $25 flea market find 6 years ago, the table has lasted longer than most relationships.


And it had the battle scars to prove it. coffee_table2


Luckily, I had some leftover paint from my craft room walls, a jar of wood stain, and a block of sand paper.

First, I wiped the table down and sanded off the original finish.



Then I wiped off all the dust from sanding and painted the table with leftover paint.


There’s no need for the paint job to be perfect because it will just be distressed and stained over anyway.


This is the point where my husband tried not to look freaked out when he asked, “what made you choose that color?”



Then, I sanded the edges and some random spots on the table.



Next, I applied a thin layer of wood stain to all of the painted surfaces.



This is what it looked like after the stain was applied.



I let the stain set for about 15 minutes and then gently wiped away the stain with a clean cloth.

(No pictures of this step because my hands were covered in wood stain and you have to work quickly)



Don’t worry, I had my trusty assistant around for quality control.


After the stain dried for 24 hours I brushed on a coat of semi-gloss polyurethane to protect the table from future damage.seal

You’re supposed to apply two coats, but I felt that one was sufficient.

And that’s the last step! Project complete.


I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

I replaced the old brass knob with a cute Hobby Lobby find. Aside from the polyurethane, the knob was only thing I didn’t already own. I had a coupon for the knob which brought the entire cost of the project to around $8. Not too shabby, right?


I know that painting furniture can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. If you take your time and have a little patience, you can give transform a dingy piece for very little money.much_better

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