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Project ReStyle

You may have noticed my little red lamp in the craft room reveal:



1. I got the lamp for $2 from The Beehive Store in Arkadelphia, an adorable thrift shop which operates on donations from the public and employs people with developmental disabilities.

2. I wrapped the socket and cord in good ol’ Press’n Seal from the kitchen and blasted the base with a couple of coats of my favorite red spray paint.

3. I grabbed some scrap fabric and attached it to a plain lampshade I had. The lampshade was actually the most expensive part of the project as I remember it cost something like $6 when I originally bought it. There’s probably a much more professional way to do it, but I was in a hurry and I’m lazy. I simply stretched the fabric around the shade and attached it with hot glue around the inside edges of the shade. Then all I did was trim the excess fabric. It’s not perfect by any means, but it works and that’s how I roll.

4. The new and improved, ReStyled lamp if you will, now resides on the corner table in my craft room.


Not bad for an $8 makeover huh?


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