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One Hill of a Race

Jacob and I ran the Bentonville Half Marathon this past Saturday.


It was my fourth half marathon and Jacob’s second, but neither of us had done one since 2010. We started training in January, and after training for several races in the last two years and dropping out, I was determined to make it to the starting line of this one.

Fortunately, Bentonville is only thirty minutes away, so we were able to wake up and drive from home the morning of the race.

We had missed a few training runs in the weeks leading up to race day, but we were both more excited than nervous.

Aside from the fact that I made the mistake of looking at the elevation chart. Ouch

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 6.18.47 PM

Basically, Mile 10 to Mile 13 was one bitch of a hill.

Despite  the impending incline we knew awaited us at the end, the race went really well. The weather was perfect (minus some crazy wind) and we had never ran in Bentonville so the trails were all new to us.

Around mile 9 I could tell that Jacob was feeling stronger than I was so I told him to go on without me. I think he felt bad splitting up, but I didn’t want him to finish feeling like he had held something back. He had a bad experience at his first half marathon and I really wanted him to enjoy it the second time around.

He was wearing a bright orange shirt and it was motivating to watch him climb the never-ending hill ahead of me.

Awkward race photo time:

I may not have placed in my age group, but I tied for first with myself for most unflattering race shot


*All I’m thinking in the right one is, ” god, that hill sucked” and, “please don’t trip on the mats at the finish line”

meanwhile – –  my husband’s all like, “oh, am I running 13 miles? I hadn’t even noticed”


My sister and Ty ran the 5k and stayed to cheer us on at the finish.

AND they captured this gem for all of the internet to behold
You’re welcome.
Smiling at the finish and dreaming of the giant breakfast we are about to consume (answer: Golden Corral buffet. Jealous?)

Oh, and Jacob finished about 50 seconds ahead of me and we both came in just under 2:23. A 13 minute PR for Jacob and a 3 minute one for yours truly.  Not a bad way to start a Saturday.

I think it’s safe to say we’re both hooked on running again.

Just don’t ask me to run up that damn hill.


2013 Miles: A Fitness Challenge

Happy Friday! Hell, happy February while we’re at it!

I mentioned in my last post that we are trying to get serious with the whole weight loss/ healthy living thang. Don’t worry, this isn’t me confessing that we’ve fallen off the wagon already. In fact, we are officially one month in and it’s going really well.


You had no idea Jacob was such a stud, right?

I also mentioned last week that we are doing a fitness challenge with my co-workers. Several of us were sitting around at the end of December lamenting about our lack of consistent exercise and the next thing we knew, we had created a contest.

Do you know how many miles it is from Fayetteville (where I live) to LAX if you take a wonky route through Kansas City and Denver? 2,013 miles to be exact. We’re so clever.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.13.45 PM

Or roughly 5.5 miles a day if you divided it up over an entire year. Yup, we decided on a cross-country challenge. Everyone (there are five of us including Jacob) put in $100 and whoever makes it to LAX  {virtually} gets the prize money. We track our daily distance on a Google map and update it once a week. Right now, we’re all kickin it in Missiouri.

The other key component of the challenge is a consistent measurement tool.

Enter the Fitbit.

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 4.52.48 PM

Fitbit is basically a fancy pedometer that tracks your steps, calories burned, flights of stairs climbed, sleep and *ding, ding, ding* distance each day. We each bought one so we know we’re all using the same measurements.  At $100 it isn’t cheap, but it is super easy to clip on to your waistband (or bra if you’re feeling frisky) and it automatically syncs with an online dashboard, iPhone app and MyFitnessPal (the app we use for calorie counting).

This is what the home screen of the iPhone app looks like:

fitbit   Like I said, we’ve only been tracking our activity for a month, but I’m totally hooked. I find myself parking farther away from things to get in a few extra steps and heading out for unplanned runs to meet my distance goal. So far, so good.

Cheers to the weekend (and to fitness)!

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