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a.k.a. some poorly lit photos of food consumed in Chicago

In case you haven’t been refreshing my blog every twenty minutes since my last post two weeks ago, my sister and I surprised our mom with a trip to Chicago for the weekend at the end of October. Yes, we did in fact get 8 inches of snow last week and I actually took some photos, but I felt that I couldn’t move forward to winter until I had shared the most important details of our trip i.e. where we ate.

We were only in Chicago for a short time, like Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, but we made eating loads of awesome food a priority.

Friday Night: After a comically frustrating and, I’m not even exaggerating, two and a half hour ordeal to find an authentic Chicago pizzeria without a million tourists, we ended up taking the subway for 45 minutes, then waiting for a bus in the freezing cold, then walking a half a mile to Pequod’s Pizza. WORTH IT. It might have had something to do with the fact that we were beyond starving, but we all agreed it was the best pizza we had ever eaten. Like, I had dreams about that deep dish a few weeks ago. The place was cozy, the beer selection was good, and the pizza was everything I could have hoped for in a piece of Chicago deep dish.

*Special shout-out to my friend Max who spent all summer in Chicago and gave me the recommendation. You’re the best, Max!



Saturday Lunch: Portillo’s Hot Dogs. After wandering around Wicker Park and the Magnificent Mile for several hours, we once again found ourselves famished. We stopped at the Portillo’s location on the corner of Clark and Ontario. Yes, it’s a chain, but it’s a pretty well respected one from the locals (at least the two I talked to -ha!). The place was pretty chaotic, but the food was delicious and cheap. Excellent hot dogs, and the cake shake was pretty fantastic as well.


Saturday Night: Another recommendation, this one from my friend Marlo who’s a Chicago ex-pat. We wanted to have a nice, but not $50 a plate nice, dinner before going to see a show and Marlo suggested several Italian places that were Chicago staples. Carmine’s on Rush (same family who owns the Rosebud restaurants) was the closest to the Oriental Theatre and it proved to be an excellent choice. We split a salad and order of bruschetta, family-style. My sister and mom split a chicken (yep), and I had some excellent rigatoni alla vodka (and I lived in Italy for a summer). Delicious and a great atmosphere.





Sunday Morning: Our last meal in Chicago was at a little cafe called The Jazzy Bean Cafe in the neighborhood of the apartment we were renting, which is rich in Mexican culture. The best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had – also, probably the only authentic breakfast burrito I’ve ever had. Also noteworthy, the pancakes and the lattes.

IMG_6724 IMG_6688

 So there you have it. Chicago via our stomachs. A little delayed, but it’s never too late to talk about good food, right?



Chicago Girls Getaway



Last month my dear mother had a very special birthday. Kind of a milestone. I won’t say which one –okay, okay she finally turned 30 ;) -so my sister and I surprised her with a quick weekend trip  to Chicago at the end of October to celebrate.

It was a whirlwind of a trip, but we had the best time.

We rented the cutest apartment  just outside of McKinley Park from Airbnb.com. We took the subway or the bus (oh, the bus. never again. long story) everywhere as the closest train stop was only about a ten minute walk away from the apartment. It was so nice to not have to worry about driving (or parking) downtown. We shopped and ate and did some sightseeing and ate some more. We saw Once at the Oriental Theatre and it was absolutely fabulous. On Saturday we went to Wicker Park’s BooPalooza and it was so great that I’m dedicating an entire post to the cuteness that is Wicker Park at Halloween.

Chicago, I think I might love you. You better believe I’ll be back soon.






IMG_6704 IMG_6705


Chicago-75 Chicago-91 Chicago-81 Chicago-80

Chicago-82 Chicago-86 Chicago-88

Chicago-99 Chicago-105 Chicago-106 Chicago-107

Chicago-109 Chicago-110 Chicago-111

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